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EvaShow was founded in 1975 by Mrs. Eveline Ohana, who came to Israel from France after studying fashion in Paris, and she brought to Israel a brand new and amazing world of lingerie. For many years since, EvaShow is considered a leading and prestigious company in its field and its products can be found in most of the leading lingerie stores and chains in Israel and abroad. All of Evashow's products are manufactured in Israel, from the highest quality and most prestigious raw materials in the market, while maintaining strict quality control and meticulous sewing, according to very high standards of the fashion world.

EvaShow’s products include: sexy Gowns, special Babydolls, fancy sets for the wedding day & night, designed leisure suits, products made from organic fabrics, modest home dresses etc.

Each of EvaShow's product was made after a lot of thought, creativity and attention to every woman’s desire, in all shapes and sizes, in order to feel comfortable and desirable at the same time.

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